About Ertel

Background on Tom Ertel

ertel_signErtel Construction focuses on three standards when performing the work: safety, reliability and efficiency. To fulfill our commitment to excellence, we challenge ourselves to set measurable goals and hold ourselves accountable. We continually refine our processes to ensure we serve our clients in a manner that allows them to fulfill their service commitments.

Our specialty areas include installation of electric, natural gas and broadband fiber-optic services. We provide our clients additional capacity to serve their customers, as companies upgrade and expand their networks. Our crews provide on-time, on-budget construction for energy and telecommunications companies. We currently are working on several government projects providing utility services and are ensuring compliance with government requirements.

Another critical practice area for Ertel Construction is our specialty area of storm restoration. We enable local companies to quickly expand their workforce with capable, experienced crews who have many years of experience in responding to hurricanes, ice storms and other weather incidents. Through the years, we have assisted major providers who were under pressure to restore service quickly, efficiently and safely, to meet customers’ and regulators’ expectations.

Essential to our ability to meet our clients’ needs is our ability to attract and retain great employees. Our reputation for integrity and our commitment and concern for employees assures we can do so. As a result, our employees arrive at our clients’ work sites as professional representatives ready to do the job well.