Background on Tom Ertel

About Ertel

Tom Ertel has been a leader in the utility industry for over three decades, as his hands-on experience and industry research has continually expanded his company’s expertise. He started his utility career in his teens and early adulthood, working alongside his father, Harry Ertel. He applied those invaluable experiences to found Ertel Construction Inc. in 1978.

Tom literally built the business from the ground up, starting with a small cable job for a company that has evolved into Time Warner Cable. He succeeded with that first job, and his reputation for doing solid work spread. That initial job expanded into more opportunities with other cable companies and led quickly to underground and overhead power line Installations.

Tom’s innate knowledge of the economy and business has developed Ertel Construction
into a safe, reliable, and efficient partner for many corporations. The company serves the Southeast with competent crews providing new installations, maintenance, and storm restoration for the public utility industry. Many customers return to Ertel Construction time and again and refer the company to others.

Tom’s loyalty to his employees and his care for their safety has built Ertel Construction into a company that retains and grows its workforce, providing stability and sustainability for its employees and for their clients.