2011 – 2008 Ertel Construction, Inc., helping with Power Restoration


Texas and Louisiana

In late 2008, Ertel Construction, Inc.,┬áresponded to Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike, which had left Texas and Louisiana reeling after striking the Gulf Coast in quick succession. Hurricane Ike struck a devastating blow to the upper Texas Gulf coast just two weeks after Hurricane Ike hit. The local energy company faced widespread outages across much of its service territory and knew it could count on Ertel Construction’s experienced crews to deal with the significant service issues.


Kentucky and West Virginia

When customers’ power went out during the ice storms of early 2009, the leading energy companies in Kentucky and West Virginia turned to Ertel Construction, Inc.,┬áto ensure quick and safe restoration. At the height of the Kentucky storm, over one-third of all electric customers in the state were without electricity, requiring a massive response. The storm caused the most-widespread outages on record in the state of Kentucky. In West Virginia, thousands of customers also found themselves without power due to downed lines. Ertel crews were integral members of the electric companies’ disaster response teams.