Ertel Construction, Inc., provides Public Utility Construction

Jeremy & MikeErtel Contruction, Inc., has continued to provide public utility construction to a Fortune 500 company since 1980, which includes all aspects of overhead, underground, natural gas and boring construction.

We have established other continuous relationships with Municipalities and Cooperatives since that time as well in the Southeast.

We have now expanded our base to West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee providing Overhead Power Utility Maintenance to that area.

During the Ice Storms of 2011 and early 2012 our crews provided restoration services to North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania with flawless restoration of utilities. By partnering with other utility companies we restored outages to thousands of customers.

Ertel Construction, Inc.,  established a Storm Management Team to facilitate our fleet in moving safely to the areas with widespread outages. As soon as crews arrive to the assigned area, a safety assessment is conducted to insure public safety and that all provisions are in place to insure the safety of our crew. This daily safety assessment is the crew starting point of each day on any job.