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A Derecho (Summer Storm) hits Mid-Atlantic States in June 2012

A Derecho (Summer Storm) hits Mid-Atlantic States in June 2012

A severe summer storm called a Derecho hit the mid-Atlantic states in June causing major power outages.  A Derecho (Spanish for straight) is a widespread and long-lived, violent convectively induced straight-line windstorm that is associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms in the form of a squall line usually taking the form of a bow echo – (Wikipedia). Ertel Construction, Inc. currently has crews mobilized to aid in the restoration of power due to the severe storms on June 29th . Ertel’s crews worked diligently to restore power in the hardest hit areas of West Virginia during times of record heat. Our crews are working for FirstEnergy company Potomac Edison in the West Virginia counties of Berkeley, Grant, Hampshire, Mineral, and Morgan. Ertel also has crews working for AEP company Appalachian Power in the West Virginia counties of Fayette, Kanawha, and Raleigh. The crews will continue to work through the holiday weekend until all power has been restored in these locations.

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Ertel Construction, Inc., provides Public Utility Construction

Jeremy & MikeErtel Contruction, Inc., has continued to provide public utility construction to a Fortune 500 company since 1980, which includes all aspects of overhead, underground, natural gas and boring construction.

We have established other continuous relationships with Municipalities and Cooperatives since that time as well in the Southeast.

We have now expanded our base to West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee providing Overhead Power Utility Maintenance to that area.

During the Ice Storms of 2011 and early 2012 our crews provided restoration services to North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania with flawless restoration of utilities. By partnering with other utility companies we restored outages to thousands of customers.

Ertel Construction, Inc.,  established a Storm Management Team to facilitate our fleet in moving safely to the areas with widespread outages. As soon as crews arrive to the assigned area, a safety assessment is conducted to insure public safety and that all provisions are in place to insure the safety of our crew. This daily safety assessment is the crew starting point of each day on any job.

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2011 – 2008 Ertel Construction, Inc., helping with Power Restoration


Texas and Louisiana

In late 2008, Ertel Construction, Inc., responded to Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike, which had left Texas and Louisiana reeling after striking the Gulf Coast in quick succession. Hurricane Ike struck a devastating blow to the upper Texas Gulf coast just two weeks after Hurricane Ike hit. The local energy company faced widespread outages across much of its service territory and knew it could count on Ertel Construction’s experienced crews to deal with the significant service issues.


Kentucky and West Virginia

When customers’ power went out during the ice storms of early 2009, the leading energy companies in Kentucky and West Virginia turned to Ertel Construction, Inc., to ensure quick and safe restoration. At the height of the Kentucky storm, over one-third of all electric customers in the state were without electricity, requiring a massive response. The storm caused the most-widespread outages on record in the state of Kentucky. In West Virginia, thousands of customers also found themselves without power due to downed lines. Ertel crews were integral members of the electric companies’ disaster response teams.

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Broadband Service Installation


US National

In recent months, one of the nation’s leading broadband video and data companies has entrusted Ertel Construction with Installation of fiber-optic cable in its service territory, bringing improved video and data services to its customers. This customer has long worked with Ertel. Additionally, Ertel Construction is currently providing services to other fiber optic companies and is working on several government projects providing utility services.

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